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Kein & Aber stands for wonderful stories, intelligent entertainment and beautifully and lavishly designed books and audio books. Our list includes new titles by young, up-and-coming authors, classic gems as well as literary comebacks. Our authors all have one thing in common: their voices sparkle with wit and intellectual honesty, and they all have the talent to tell great stories in a unique and passionate way. Kein & Aber has received numerous awards and was selected Swiss Publisher of the Year in 2010.

Kein & Aber was founded in 1997 when publisher Peter Haag released two audio books that immediately made a splash: Der Standort Deutschland by the Bavarian comedian Gerhard Polt and Harry Rowohlt’s legendary reading of A. A. Milne’s Pu der Bär. The latter is still one of the most successful audio books of all time in the German market.

Right from the start, Kein & Aber established a reputation not only for its innovative and unpredictable audio books but also for its carefully composed list of fiction and non-fiction books. We are an author’s publishing house committed to an author’s whole body of work and to establishing talented young authors on the market and supporting them throughout their careers.

Our German list includes new literary talents such as Markus Feldenkirchen, Anja Jardine, Güzin Kar, Michael Ebmeyer, Robert Seethaler and Philipp Tingler, as well as established and celebrated authors like Harry Rowohlt, Gerhard Polt, Claudia Schreiber and Helme Heine.

Kein & Aber is as devoted to literary works as it is to non-fiction. We have published works by critically acclaimed authors such as Ben Moore, Miriam Meckel, Ursula von Arx and Constantin Seibt. More than once we have published exceptional books that have become international bestsellers, for instance stand-up comedian Ursus Wehrli’s trilogy Kunst aufräumen, Noch mehr Kunst aufräumen and Die Kunst, aufzuräumen in which he tidies up art; or 50 Erfolgsmodelle by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler, which has been translated into more than 26 languages.

Furthermore, we are proud to be the German-language home of many great British and American writers. Our list includes outstanding contemporary voices such as Karen Russell, Anne Tyler, André Aciman, Woody Allen, Elanor Dymott, Francesca Segal, Jessica Soffer and David Nicholls, whose latest novel Zwei an einem Tag (Kein & Aber 2009) topped the German bestseller list for several weeks, as well as wonderful classic writers as Truman Capote, Kurt Vonnegut, Dorothy Parker, Flann O’Brien and Steve Tesich. In recent years, we have also introduced new European authors to our list – for example Italian writer Fabio Stassi whose novel Ein Pakt fürs Leben was runner-up for the prestigious Premio Campiello, or French novelist Gilles Leroy who won the distinguished Prix Goncourt. Our recent acquisitions include bestselling authors Klas Östergren (Sweden), Jonas T. Bengtsson (Denmark), Elif Shafak (Turkey) and Sun-mi Hwang (Korea) and the marvellous young novelist Ayelet Gundar-Goshen (Israel).

Kein & Aber is one of the very few medium-sized independent publishing houses in German-speaking Europe. We are based in Zurich but have a permanent office in Berlin and are present in the whole of the German market. We embrace the possibilities of the digital age and have developed several apps such as Kunst aufräumen by Ursus Wehrli, an interactive game in which the user can tidy up art himself; and The Decision App by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler, a decision-making tool that has attracted more than 10,000 users. What’s more, Kein & Aber includes e-books in its hardcover editions, a feature that has been met with enthusiasm by our readers.


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